Need motivation to pick up your camera? 5 for 5 is a great exercise to get that bad boy off the shelf and into your hands!  Some days are harder than others {i.e. the days your kids are NOT having pictures} but I found this pushed me even further into thinking outside the box.

Comment and let me know what exercises you do to beat ‘the blahs!’

‘Fall is in the air’


2015-10-19_0007‘What’s left of spring’‘The Piglet & Sister’s Bunny’

5 for 5‘Perfect Strangers’

‘Around Our Home’2015-10-18_0010

Recently, I was getting ready for my first ‘vacation’  to Click Away by myself in…. well, ever.  My children are almost always with me, and I like it that way.  Magnolia and I have had a successful nursing relationship for 28 months, and I was so worried about what would happen while I was away.  Would my milk dry up?  Would she simply forget and self wean?  I can honestly say, I would have been okay either way, but just in case this was her last time, I wanted it documented.  Luckily my best friend, Cori Bessard  is a fantastic photographer, and happily shot a session for us in her bedroom just moments before I was to leave for San Antonio.

As it turns out, this little piglet did not forget, and I did not dry up, thanks to my buddy Meghan and her ‘handy’ little pump.  I am forever grateful for my friends, and for these images.


2015-10-16_00092015-10-16_00112015-10-16_00122015-10-16_00132015-10-16_00152015-10-16_00162015-10-16_00172015-10-16_0019All images ©CORI BESSARD PHOTOGRAPHY


You nailed it, and my typical reply to this is, ‘Thank you!’  I think my favorite so far was ‘Dammmmmn Gina,’ that one made me laugh out loud. As much as I’ve invested  in my career this fiscal year alone {think thousands of dollars on classes, video and photography workshops, and gear} my worth as a photographer has gone up!  That’s fantastic news for you as my client.   This means I will be working not only with top of the line equipment, but have further developed as a skilled artisan, who knows precisely the moments to freeze that would otherwise be lost.  I use all of the above in conjunction with an extensive knowledge of optimal light that will aid in telling your family story.

CMPRO (87)


Did all of these tricks to nail ‘the perfect family photo’ happen over night?  Yes, that was complete rhetoric.  It did not.  From the day I purchased my first DSLR in 2011, not a single day has gone by that I have not shot, edited, read, tuned into live broadcasts, attended workshops, or simply day dreamed about my next shoot or goals.




I know in my heart of hearts there are photographers reading and nodding in agreement, but there is that pesky voice in the back of your head saying ‘what if I can’t charge my worth?’  Next time that particular thought crosses your mind, I want you to think about how many evenings you had your husband or partner put your baby to bed, and you didn’t see them until the next morning.  The next time you doubt that you CAN charge your worth, go ahead and sit down with a pen and paper {no really, I mean SIT} and add up your business expenses.


Photographers, whether you plan on charging $250 $450 or $1000 this year, I urge you to take a deep look inside and determine your worth, not just based on experience {although experience and consistency ARE very important} but the cost of running a business {including time spent away from your family}.

This year, when setting my pricing, I did not just pull a number out of thin air.  I considered all of the above and more.  I want my clients to feel spoiled with my time and art.  I want to have time to say ‘hey, let’s walk over to that boulder, the way the light is shining will make a stunning photo,’ and not ‘sorry, my next client is here… gotta run!’  Quality over quantity, guys.  I will be spending more time with you, delivering more images on the whole, and offering you an unforgettable family experience.





Now I am just going to be ‘real with you for a moment.’  Holiday photos framed make fantastic gifts, especially for those who are tough to shop for, and Grandparent’s who will insist on them anyway.  I am not yet charging for prints, so get while the getting is good!:)

That said, I only have 3 spots left, so that email is to book



Blessings to you all this pre-holiday season!

xo Summer